YES, You Can Attract Your Marriage-Minded, Emotionally Mature, Loyal Man and Have the Healthy, Happy Relationship You Deserve
EVEN IF you've dated commitment-phobes in the past, 
EVEN IF you seem to attract guys who just want sex, and 
EVEN IF you dread the thought of joining the online dating meat market
The World's Only Online Community That Includes Proven Dating Strategies, Unmatched Emotional Support and ENERGY WORK to Clear Your Love Blocks
Because guess what, if you are struggling to attract your Right Guy, it's NOT because something is wrong with's because one of these elements is missing.
The Soul Love Trifecta
Inside Soul Love Society, you'll get:
  • Shimmer Sessions: Monthly Energy Clearing Webinars to remove your Love Blocks at the deepest level, let go of old pain/grief and speed up the arrival of NEW LOVE in your life
  • Meditation Mojo: Downloadable Energy Clearing Audios to clear energetic love blocks in your sleep - gently, easily and QUICKLY
  • L'Amour Academy: These dating hacks and proven strategies let you successfully navigate the dating world so that you can avoid heartbreak, avoid being taken advantage of and avoid wasting your time and energy
  • Incredible Community of Fabulous, Supportive Ladies to Share Your Journey and Celebrate Your Dating Wins
  • New tools and/or videos added every single month
Only 30% of single men are actually marriage-minded. 
If you want to become magnetic to that 30%, DON'T leave it up to chance. 
3 Exasperating Ways Fake Dating Gurus are RUINING Your Love Life and WASTING Your Precious Time:
  • Cosmo and all the fashion magazines are giving you useless, one-size-fits all dating tips that DON'T WORK. They're in the business of selling magazines, not getting you married.
  • Dating gurus are giving you dating advice that THEY'VE NEVER LIVED THEMSELVES. If a woman hasn't been married, how can she give you advice on getting married? And don't get me started on the guy gurus...I mean, how in the world can a guy claim to know what it's like to be a single woman?
  • Makeover experts and matchmakers make you feel BAD about yourself, like if you could just lose 10 pounds and buy a new wardrobe you'd be worthy of love (when you're more than worthy of love right now, you just need to know WHAT TO DO differently)
As you can see, I'm passionate about all that bad dating advice. So let me bust some DATING MYTHS and set the record straight...
MYTH #1: There is a severe shortage of good, single men out there.
Friends telling you to settle because there aren't any good men out there?

Tired of hearing that your dating standards are too high?

That you are being too picky when you want a man with a job and some direction, a man who treats you well and doesn't squirm around uncomfortably or bolt when you say the word "boyfriend"?

TRUTH: There are PLENTY of good men out there - we're talking about good-hearted, loyal, quality men that would appreciate and cherish a good woman like you. But there's a trick to getting ready for them to be in your life, knowing exactly where to find them and then dating them without self-sabotage. 
MYTH #2: You are single because men are intimidated by you.
As a woman with two college degrees, I used to believe this one too. 

You've worked hard to get to the top of your career only to find that you can't make a relationship happen, right? Guys seem impressed with you, but you go out on a couple of dates and it just fizzles out. 

Meanwhile you're getting older and every friend's wedding, every birthday that ends in zero just drives it home more. 

You didn't realize it, but you chose your career over your Love Life...except you didn't!

TRUTH: The kind of man who would be intimidated by you isn't the kind of man you would even be interested in anyway! Only insecure men are intimidated by women. Emotionally-mature, marriage minded men want a woman with goals and direction, a woman who loves her life. And when you prepare your mindset and heart not only will you meet that type of man, but he will DELIGHT in providing for you in whatever way you need.
MYTH #3: You are single because you need to lose weight.
I have talked to tons of men and they all agree that for EVERY FEMALE BODY TYPE out there, there is a man who LOVES that body type. Like INSANELY LOVES IT and can't get enough of it.

But when YOU have a deep belief that your body is somehow wrong, you can't help but project that and men pick up on it. 

TRUTH: When you clear out subconscious blocks to Love you learn the secret so many other smart women now know - the problem isn't your body, it's your mindset.
I can understand if you're a bit skeptical. Dating is NOT the same thing as keeping. But check out these true stories that are all about dating AND keeping.

She's married now.

"I have given so much in the past and often given TOO much. Carisa supported me in being able to believe in love again and walk the journey to meet my Soulmate!" - Jas

Her new boyfriend matches everything on her Love List.

"He's doing well financially, he's in charge of his life and he's not at all the player type. All I want to say is thanks! I was so discouraged and never thought it was really possible." - J.

He moved across country to be with her.

"I'm such a workaholic and jaded from past relationships, but I did what Carisa told me to do and 2 days later I met a guy who embodied everything I wanted. A month later he moved from New York to be with me!" - Sarah
She's in a healthy, committed relationship now.
Dating does NOT have to suck.
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You could be kissing your Dream Man next Valentine's Day, instead of watching Bridget Jones in your pajamas while eating Ben & Jerry's and drinking boxed wine.
Imagine for a minute how ridiculously wonderful it will feel to:
  • ​Be the envy of your friends and colleagues as you show off your huge engagement ring (#Isaidyes)
  • ​Cuddle up to your handsome, heavenly-smelling man and rest your head blissfully against his chest on lazy weekend mornings in bed
  • ​Have cozy holiday getaways at Christmas-time, have romantic Valentine's Day dinners and be treated like a Queen on your birthday by a partner who thinks you're the most gorgeous creature on the face of the Earth
  • ​Have HIM be the one to bring up the future of your relationship, have HIM telling YOU that you're the one for him and have HIM be the one asking to make things official
This is me + here's how I can help you!
  • ​86% of my private clients are in happy, healthy, committed relationships within 3-6 months of working together
  • ​Clients have been asked on dates within 24 hours of working with me - after YEARS of not being asked out on any dates 
  • ​6th Generation Energy Healer; Degrees in Psychology + Counseling
  • ​Featured in Finer Minds, Mama Motivator and Full Circle Wellness Tools
Here's a Small Sample of What's Inside Soul Love Society
Clear Love Blocks in our Monthly Shimmer Sessions
  • "I can feel the change that's happened in me and my friends have noticed as well. One said, 'It's like you've turned on a light inside yourself'." - Rebecca
  • "I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical about this, but I'm happily convinced! It was amazing how strong the muscle testing is and how fast the blocks were removed." - Bethany
  • "I don't feel broken-hearted anymore." - Leslie
  • "I'm noticing all the attention I'm getting and the compliments. I also feel much more confident interacting with men." - Francesca
Clear Love Blocks IN YOUR SLEEP with these powerfully healing meditations
  •  Heal Your Broken Heart: Let go of the pain of a bad breakup and finally heal the grief of a broken heart (Instant Access)
  • Release Your Fear of Abandonment: No more being STUCK, find the courage to move forward into the Love you deserve (Instant Access)
  • Get Out of Your Love Funk: Stop sneaky negative beliefs hiding in your subconscious from sabotaging you in Love (Instant Access)
  • And many more downloadable audio meditations, so that you can clear Love Blocks IN YOUR SLEEP even if you don't have time for private sessions or group clearing webinars
Everything you need to know about dating, relationships and attracting your Dream Man
  • 30+ Places to Meet Marriage-Minded Men: Where to go and what to do when you get there to attract the right men (Instant Access)
  • What Men Understand About Dating That Women Don't: Why men ghost on women after the 1st date and how to keep it from happening to YOU (Instant Access)
  • The 5 Second Flirting Technique for Ladylike Introverts: No chasing required -  get him to cross rooms to get to you without lifting a finger (Instant Access)
  • And more courses to make you irresistibly magnetic to GOOD MEN, even if you never really learned how to date
Hear what good men think about Love - directly from them (Hint: it's not always about SEX)
  • Online Dating: What do men REALLY look for in an online dating profile? How do they decide to ask a woman out online? What are their online dating pet peeves? (Instant Access)
  • Marriage Material: How does his dating behavior change when he's serious about getting married? (Instant Access)
  • Strategy vs. Honesty: How honest is TOO honest in dating? When should you share your relationship expectations? (Instant Access)
Experts weigh in on everything you've ever wanted to know about Sex, Dating, Love and Relationships
  • Sex & Dating: A Danish Sexologist dishes about "skin hunger" and how to satisfy your needs without getting your heart broken (Instant Access)
  • Your Brain On Love: A neuroscientist reveals why break ups feel so horrible and what you can do to truly get over him (hint: it's NOT about will power!) (Instant Access)
  • First Impressions: Take all of the guesswork out of looking picture perfect for that oh-so-important first date (Instant Access)
Soul Love Society is your all-inclusive, private, exclusive membership community for healing your heart and becoming magnetic to love
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Worksheets, transcriptions and downloadable slides for courses
Monthly Energy Clearing Webinars
Every single month, you'll clear out negative energy in our private Love Block Clearing Webinars
Access to the Soul Love Society Private Community
This alone is worth the price - a community of supportive, fabulous ladies who LOVE to encourage you and share your dating journey
No Long-Term Contract
You are charged monthly for access to the Society and one click puts your subscription on hold
Costs 50 Cents Per Training
Costs far less than a fancy bottle of wine - but gives you a Love Life worth toasting to
Instant Access to Everything
The minute you join, you have access to absolutely EVERYTHING
Answers to Your Lingering Fears and Doubts
Can I really cancel anytime?
Absolutely. I have a fast, easy, no-questions asked cancellation process. I urge you to give yourself at least 6 months of showing up for this work consistently so you don't give up on your transformation to quickly.  If you do the work, you WILL see the changes. But you are free to cancel anytime.
How do I pay for my Golden Key?
You will be asked to register when you click the BIG GOLD BUTTON and you'll be able to pay via PayPal.
Do I get access to YOU?
Actually, Soul Love Society is one of the ONLY ways to get access to me. I'm in the community daily and give priority access to SLS members for private coaching and healing sessions.
You're not single - how can I trust YOUR advice?
These self-love practices and healthy mindset strategies are the REASON I'm not single anymore. And if (God forbid), my husband and I ever divorced, I would know how to make another wonderful relationship happen when I was ready for that.
Will this work for ME if I'm not a supermodel?
There are no supermodels in SLS, just normal, happy women getting healthy attention from emotionally mature, commitment-minded men.  A secret most women don't know is that for every female body type there is a man who ABSOLUTELY ADORES IT. When we stop sabotaging ourselves with our insecurities, we can attract high quality men who love is as we are and think we're the most gorgeous creatures on the face of the earth. I know it sounds cliche, but it really is about healing your MINDSET, not your body.
What's with the Energy Healing? That sounds a bit woo woo.
Negative beliefs in your subconscious about love, worthiness and dating control 80-90% of your behavior and cause self-sabotage in relationships. We clear those out energetically FIRST and THEN you can benefit from the strategies. Otherwise, it's like driving with a parking break on.
Why is it priced so low?
I know that price can be a barrier sometimes and I want your "happily ever after" to start ASAP. I'm on a mission to overload Facebook and Instagram with selfies of blissed out couples :) #relationshipgoals
What about PRIVACY?
I have an IRON CLAD privacy clause in the membership contract that says anyone who shares what we share outside of our group will be sued. This is a safe space for you and I take your privacy VERY seriously.
How fast do these methods work?
Women I've worked with have been asked out on dates within 24 hours of clearing out their Love Blocks - after not dating for YEARS. Women I've worked with have attracted  serious, healthy relationships with commitment-minded companions within 3- 6 months of using these methods. 
Here's What Happy Ladies Have to Say About Soul Love Society
"All of the sudden he's here and we CONNECT!"
"The monthly energy clearings are where I get my breakthroughs!"
"You created a miracle in my life!"
"I have 3 dates this weekend!"
"I am overwhelmed with joy with how amazing this has been!"
"Meeting some really great guys"
"Writing a Love List REALLY DOES WORK."
"Thank you for giving me back me life."

"I did what Carisa told me to do and 2 days later met a guy who embodied everything I wanted. We've been inseparable from that moment and a month later he moved across country to be with me." 


"He's doing well financially, he's in charge of his life and he's not at all the player type. All I want to say is thank you. I was so discouraged and I never thought it was possible." 

J. Davis
My Three Promises to YOU
I promise to respect your privacy and to create a safe community for you to share your dating wins so that you can receive the support you need to attract, date and keep your Dream Man.
I promise to keep Soul Love Society as affordable as possible so that you have a chance to benefit from all it has to offer.
I promise to share with you only the strategies that I KNOW work, because they've been proven and to take you step-by-step through these techniques - to hold your hand gently and lovingly while we create the Love Life you deserve.
Soul Love Society is open for enrollment once each month. 
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Dating does NOT have to suck.
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